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We empower, spread joy and honor our heritage through the cultivation of authentic friendship with all, and the acknowledgement and celebration of the value, dignity and diversity of African cultures and traditions through artistic, social, cultural and educational projects, events, workshops, festivals and activities.


Are you ready to be part of the change?

Part of a team of employees and volunteers that make life better?



At African Friendship Society, we're always looking for amazing people who want to make a difference, give back and most importantly, have fun meeting and connecting with like-minded individuals. If that's you, we invite you to apply. 

position OPEN
Executive Director

The African Friendship Society Executive Director is responsible for the successful leadership, overall management, and operations of the organisation according to the strategic direction and policies set by the Board of Directors and Council of Elders. The Executive Director is responsible for policy implementation and effective management of African Friendship Society and all its programs.

position filled
Program Manager

The African Friendship Society Program Manager oversees the fulfillment of the larger organizational goals. They are responsible for coordinating activities between multiple projects without directly managing them. He/She/ They will  manage the AFS program, giving detailed attention to program strategy, project delegation, and program implementation.

Open for application
Volunteer Coordinator

The African Friendship Society Volunteer Coordinator is a professional who is responsible for interviewing and hiring volunteers and placing them in different roles based on their qualifications. The Volunteer Coordinator maintains accurate records about the progress, manages volunteer training and onboarding training, works with managers to ensure their needs are met, and helps support fulfilment.

Position not Filled / closed
Interim Company Manager

The Interim Company Manager is responsible for AFS’s capacity building, fortifying our artistic and educational programming through strengthening our operations.

They contribute to and implement new operational and administrative processes which include project/production planning; workflows; financial and statistical data input and tracking; facility plans and management, fundraising initiatives, and more. They also contribute in building the foundation for the sustainability of AFS, which includes administrative and operational strategies to help us reach the next phase of our lifecycle.

Position Filled
Marketing & Social Media Manager

The African Friendship Society marketing and social media manager is responsible for planning, development and implementation of all of the organisation’s marketing strategies, communications, and public relations activities, both external and internal.

Position not Filled / closed


True Friendship, Nourishing Connections and A Deep Sense of Belonging.

To help people break the habit of living disconnected.


To leave people feeling deeply nourished and with a true sense of belonging.


How? By empowering men, women and children to be present, connected and alive. 


Leaving a footprint of simple, engaging and life changing values and beliefs that empower people to live
a life of deep  connection and true joy. 


We we make life better because we
wholeheartedly believe in:


Humanity as a state of being. 




Being Real


Greatness is a choice and a commitment.


It's always possible to do the right thing.

what makes AFS different?

What makes us truly unique and different is our life changing Spirit of the Village state of being, which leads to the feeling of deep nourishment and a true sense of belonging.

I really enjoy volunteering with the African friendship society. They have a special way of bringing the African culture to a city that really needs it. The joy of bringing people of all ages and from all walks of life to shed light into the various parts of Africa was really great to see. This is from anything from story telling, dancing, drumming and especially the food. I just wanted to do my bit for the centre and to help people experience the African culture, so this was the perfect role for me.

~ Safiya


Are you ready to help create a world that is welcoming to everyone while having fun?

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