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Sankofa is a school of traditional knowledge and ancient wisdom for Black children, to empower and restore cultural pride and dignity. It is also a week-long cultural camp delivered in the winter, spring and summer.

Learning objectives
  • Promote cultural education, community spirit and brotherhood/sisterhood amongst the Black youth

  • Provide them with a strong and confident foundation, deeply rooted in the positive values of humanity and equity that African cultures and traditions have lived with and practiced for centuries

  • Learn from the past to ensure a strong future

  • Learn about and practice cultural wellness so that The Black youth feel empowered, they feel a greater sense of belonging, and they can better take care of their own emotional wellbeing, within a caring community

  • Lifestyle & Traditions (values and community spirit, dress code, food, etc.)

  • Traditional arts classes and workshops (music, songs and dances) to broaden participants’ understanding of rhythms and cultural expressions

  • African languages classes (Swahili, Lingala, Yoruba, etc.)

  • Traditional wellness practices

  • Traditional games and crafts (i.e. learning to build traditional music instruments, mask making, traditional houses design, etc.)

  • The art of traditional storytelling  

  • And more…

program benefits
  • This program helps promote positive racial and ethnic identity, which has been linked to higher resilience, self-efficacy, self-esteem and school grades

  • The program helps the Black youth learn about themselves, to empower their lives now and in the future

  • Sankofa helps increase their sense of belonging by creating a stronger community they can relate to and identify with, which promotes better mental health

  • AFS Artists, Elders and Knowledge keepers

African drum class

What Our members Say

II’m so grateful for Sankofa! You are all amazing and the program design and implementation is incredible. We needed something like this for a long time. 

Thank you so much!

~ Meheret

Thank you to Our Funders

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