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kids in africa

Kids in Africa Project (KAP) was created to teach children of all backgrounds about Africa through arts and culture, promote inclusion and wellbeing and increase awareness and understanding of cultural diversity.

Learning objectives
  • Promote learning, community spirit and brotherhood/sisterhood

  • Introduce Canadian youth to another and more positive and empowering story of Africa; one that more accurately and fairly represents the true colours of this rich continent

  • Encourage Canadian youth to build community by giving them the tools and creating an environment to do so 

  • Teach Canadian youth about Africa through arts and culture programs that immerse participants in the “Spirit of the Village” 

  • Provide participants with opportunities to develop long lasting and authentic connections with African cultures and communities that include everyone and build and prepare the next generation of community members

Features & benefits
  • Opportunity to learn about African cultures and traditions while building community

  • Promote inclusion and increase awareness and understanding of cultural differences, which contributes to decreasing discrimination that stems from pre-conceived notions about Africa as a continent and its people

  • AFS Artists, Elders and Knowledge keepers


What Our members Say

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Thank You to Our Funders and Supporters

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