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MoRhyCo is a Cultural Healing Project for Black women to support mental health and wellness and promote cultural identity and social inclusion.

Learning objectives
  • Reclaim and celebrate our African heritage

  • Develop self resilience and auto-determination

  • Develop healthy habits of cultural wellness and self care

  • Increase understanding of our own heritage and traditions

  • Develop a sense of belonging to our African community

  • Learn the practices and traditions of our Ancestors

  • Our cultural healing activities will include:  

  • Singing, drumming, and dancing workshops 

  • Cultural healing retreats in the summer

  • Storytelling 

  • Creative writing 

  • Art/Craft project (traditional jewellery-making, traditional instruments-building, etc.) 

  • Traditional culinary arts

  • Traditional clothing, hair styling and headwrap fashion

  • Traditional Games

  • Traditional wellness and healing modalities

  • And more…

program benefits
  • Cultural healing and heritage reclamation

  • Increased wellbeing and social and mental health

  • Wider network of like-minded women/folks

  • AFS Artists, Elders and Knowledge keepers


What Our members Say

MoRhyCo has offered everything that I have been looking for in a community of like-minded women. Being able to dance, sing, and drum with a group of women that you grow to know is such a fulfilling experience. It was so needed last year and I hope to have it continue for years to come.

~ Diana B.

Thank You to Our Funder

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