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 Sawubona project

Sawubona Project is a series about Friendship with everyone through learning about each other, with a foundation on African History. We drum and dance together to practice and develop trust, peace, and friendship.

Learning objectives
  • Deconstruct the false narrative that was created with harmful intentions throughout history

  • Develop shared experiences and a new shared vocabulary

  • Facilitate cultural understanding between Black and non-Black communities

Features & Benefits
  • We gain a better understanding of African cultures and their positive contributions

  • We learn about and restore the real history of humanity

  • We cultivate dignity, together

  • AFS Artists, Elders and Knowledge keepers


What Our members Say

I have really enjoyed Sawubona and have been telling lots of people about it.  I'm sure many of them would sign up if you made it available

~ Brenda B.

Thank you to Our Funders

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