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Kids in Africa online

KAP Online was created to teach children of all backgrounds about Africa and its people through arts and culture, promote inclusion and community wellbeing, and increase awareness and understanding of cultural diversity.

Learning objectives
  • Participants will develop a greater respect, understanding, and appreciation of the words “community” and “village” 

  • They will know several African countries by name, and be able to identify a few key facts about them 

  • They will know traditional songs and rhythms

  • They will be able to count and pronounce a few key phrases in traditional languages

  • They will know the true meaning of friendship

  • And much more…

Features & Benefits
  • Various virtual workshops on traditional activities

  • Virtual village gatherings with youths of diverse cultural backgrounds

  • Virtual arts and craft projects 

  • Inter-generational learning

  • A safe space to explore cultural affinities and differences

  • And much more…

  • Audio and video modules on African history for kids

  • African language classes for beginners

  • Resource library on African history, cultures, and traditions

  • AFS Artists, Elders and Knowledge keepers

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What Our members Say

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