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morhyco online

MoRhyCo Online is a Cultural Healing space for Black women to support mental health and wellness and promote cultural identity and social inclusion. MoRhyCo online provides several resources and connection opportunities for Black women who are members of the group, regardless of where they physically live.

Learning objectives
  • You will learn culturally appropriate tools that support your mental health and wellness

  • You will have a better understanding of African spirituality and your own healing journey, specifically as a Black Woman

  • You will be able to create your own healing practice based on the various modalities you will be introduced to

  • You will expand your knowledge of African cultures and develop a greater sense of belonging to your larger African family

Features & Benefits
  • Various virtual workshops (traditional dance, singing, storytelling, etc.)

  • Virtual village gatherings 

  • Virtual arts and craft projects 

  • A safe space that centers your own African heritage

  • And more…

  • Articles about relevant topics such as: African beauty secrets, the History of African hair, Notable Women in African history, etc. 

  • African Language Learning center

  • Resource library on traditional health and wellness practices

  • AFS Artists, Elders and Knowledge keepers


What Our members Say

This project has been a lifeline for me during this time of isolation.  It’s helped with my mental health by giving me an opportunity to meet with women in my community (of African descent) I otherwise would not be able to connect with.

~ Donna Peart

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