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Sankofa online

Sankofa is a school of traditional knowledge and ancient wisdom for Black children, to empower and restore cultural pride and dignity. It is also a week-long cultural camp delivered in the winter, spring and summer.

Learning objectives
  • Participants will develop higher resilience, self-efficacy, and self esteem, as well as a more positive racial esteem and ethnic identity

  • They will be able to create deeper connections with others that they can relate to, in ways that will help them also develop social skills and learn more about community and traditional protocols

  • They will better understand the environment they live in, and the importance of African cultural education

  • They will develop culturally relevant tools that support their wellbeing, their auto-determination and sense of belonging

Features & Benefits
  • Various virtual workshops on traditional activities

  • Virtual village gatherings with other youths

  • Virtual arts and craft projects 

  • Inter-generational learning environment

  • A safe space that centers their own African heritage and Black identity

  • And much more…

  • Audio and video modules on African history for kids

  • African Language Learning center

  • Resource library on traditional storytelling

  • AFS Artists, Elders and Knowledge keepers


What Our members Say

K. enjoyed the Sankofa zoom calls and he definitely has more pride and increased awareness of his African history. Before, interest was limited but now there are more questions and an interest in learning the language. We hope your project can be a venue for youth to work through some of [the issues our Black youth are currently facing with anti-Black racism]. Thank you.

~ Daisy Mutanda

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