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It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.

~ Maya Angelou



​Want to experience the True Power of Joy, Friendship and Belonging? Explore our upcoming events and join in the fun!


Sawubona Online

Sawubona Online is a virtual series about Friendship with everyone through learning about each other, with a foundation on African History. This space is for Black and non-Black people to truly develop a relationship with each another....


MoRhyCo Online

MoRhyCo Online is a Cultural Healing space for Black women to support mental health and wellness and promote cultural identity and social inclusion. MoRhyCo online provides several resources and connection....


Sankofa Online

Sankofa Online is an immersion into African arts, cultures, history, and languages for Black children, regardless of where they happen to live in Canada. We give them an opportunity to directly experience and learn more about...


Kids in Africa Online (KAP)

KAP Online was created to teach children of all backgrounds about Africa and its people through arts and culture, promote inclusion and community wellbeing, and increase awareness and understanding of cultural diversity.


Experience life changing cultural, artistic, educational, social and community events, programs and services that are rooted in our values of Friendship, Community and Heritage.

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